Specialized devices, that we manufacture in our company must not only meet a number of restrictive requirements tailored to the customer, but should also be characterized by the highest precision. We can guarantee this, thanks to our extensive technical facilities.

Metalworking is a process that aims to adapt products to modern standards. Our company specializes in production of precisely made connectors, fire fittings, car mirror holders, car parts and sanitary fittings. Such a large scope of operation of the BOD group illustrates well, that precise machining is not a challenge for us.

Computer aided technology is playing an very important role. In our factory, we use not only CAD and CAM software, but also ProE and UG, which create very detailed, three-dimensional product plans. We can use this technology with such raw materials as steel, aluminum, copper and bronze. If you decide on the heat treatment model, it’s good to know, that we have two multi-functional lines for this type of processing, where the highest temperature can reach 950 Celsius degrees.

Depending on the type of product, we can use a heat treatment model and CNC. These are very popular, though not the only technologies in this market segment. We have 300 devices of this type.

In our work, we provide electroplating and metalworking services using, among others chromium, nickel, cadmium, copper or zinc iron. We can also use the chemical conversion method, passivation and electropolishing. This is a large number of possibilities, where client can always find something for himself.

The issue of precise plastics processing is one of those topics that is difficult to exhaust in one entry. It should be remembered, that it’s good to have a business partner on your side who has not only the knowledge but also the equipment necessary to complete the order quickly and fully in accordance with the client’s guidelines. The large number of orders of this type confirms that the BOD group is exactly such a business partner.